Here you can find exact accounts of rules that are not clear in case you are wondering about a rule, if something that confuses you isn't listed here you should ask an admin before proceeding.

("Exploiting and type of glitch this means ANY type")

List of ban-able exploits:

Block Jumping in faction territory includes warzones, safezones and player factions.

Duping: Creating items in a way that is not designed to work that way.

Using commands that are not allowed in certain areas: [Using teleporting commands in any dimension besides Twilight, Nether, and the Over-world][Using teleporting commands to escape PVP battles, quest scripted fighting events][Claiming territory in areas not allowed such as re-spawning mines or forests, quest areas, public rails]

('Structures must be attached to the ground in some way other than air, water, lava and have supports within 20 blocks.")

Above ground walk ways, rails, slides must have support beams every 20 blocks.

Above ground buildings must have 4 support beams, 1 in each corner, each extra on the above ground building must have 1 support beam.

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