Achievements you can get on the server which will give you a reward when completed

(Once you complete a achievement show an Admin or Moderator, first come first served)

 Twilight Faction Explorer: Fairytail

(First faction to enter the Twilight)


Achievement Points: 5

Nether Faction Explorer: 

(First faction to enter the Nether)

Reward: Wither Skull

Achievement Points: 5

Faction Dragon Slayer: 

(First faction to slay the ender dragon)

Reward: Enderman Spawner

Achievement Points: 5

Faction City Owner:

(Claim an entire city as part of your faction)

Reward: City Achievement

Achievement Points: 10

Faction Containment

(Claim an entire city as part of your faction without having any alien stone in it)


Achievement Points: 20

Faction Industrialist:

(First faction to create an MFSU)

Reward: 1 Mass Fabricator

Achievement Points: 5

Faction Space Exploration:

(First faction to land on the moon)


Achievement Points: 5


(Create a rocket)

Reward: Fuel Canister (30) [Used to be 3 buckets of fuel which = Fuel Canister (90) but kane ruined it for everyone by complaining.

Achievement Points: 1

Bat Master: 

(Level a bat to the highest level)

Reward: Stack of pumpkin pie

Achievement Points: 5

Hydra Slayer: Crystalnole

(Slay a hydra)


Achievement Points: 5

Wither Slayer:

(Slay a wither boss)

Reward: 9 Iron blocks

Achievement Points: 5

Achievement points can be spent on various prizes which will be slowly added.


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