A dungeon is a isolated area in the map where you will find stronger than average monsters which drop advanced loot. There are multiple tiers of dungeons each harder then the one before it. To do a dungeon you must be geared up and prepared for anything. It is suggested to bring Medical Kits and Iron Armor or better. Dungeons will consist of at least 1 Boss Monster which will drop the best loot in the dungeon but will also be the most difficult to defeat, some dungeons may have up to 5 bosses so bring plenty of supplies. You can try to do a dungeon by your self but it is recommended that you bring at least 1 other person with you.

Dungeon List:

Netherian Hive


A raid is a isolated area in the map where you will find extremely power monsters which drop epic loot. There are only one level of raids, unlike dungeons where there are several tiers. To do a raid you must have the best gear you can earn from dungeons and be prepared to die many times to learn how to defeat the bosses and monsters inside. It is suggested to bring Medical Kits, Potions, Golden Apples, and Enchanted armor. Raids will have at least 5 bosses and will most likely require you to defeat one return back to base and re-gear and then return to do another. You will fail at doing a raid by yourself you will need at least 5 other people with you and even up to 10 others if you are not skilled enough to succeed with just 5.

Raid List:

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