Edgedell is the first town you experience on the server. It is a military town based next to a giant Netherian Portal surrounded by spawn hives. There are no police forces instead law is absolute and enforced by armed Marines who patrol the city.

Military Camp

The first place you visit and where you spawn at is the military camp. Inside the camp there are 2 guard towers, 2 barracks, 1 medical tent and a command center.

Inside the command center you will find Lt. Matthew who starts you off with your first quest ever on the server.

Inside the medical tent you will find Doctor Gareth who sells medical supplies.

Gun Shop
Once you leave the Military camp the first building you will pass by is the Gun Shop. In the Gun Shop you can buy and sell guns along with ammunition.

Inside the Gun Shop you will meet Mike who sells you the guns.

On the counter you will see an Ammunition Dispenser this little robot sells and buys ammunition for the guns that Mike Sells.

Produce Shop
Across the street from the Gun Shop is the produce Shop. Here you will buy and sell fruits and vegetables.

Inside the Produce Shop you will meet Jenny who sells and buys produce related items.

On the shelves you can see various fruits and vegetables that can be found throughout the server.

Black Smith Shop

Across the street from the Produce Shop is the Black Smith Shop. Here you will buy ingots, plates and other metal related resources while selling coal and various ores to earn cash.

Inside the Black Smith Shop you will meet Grillie who sells Ingots and Plates and buys various ores.

Near Grillie on a table is a Ore Trader this robot will convert the various types of tin and copper ore into a single type which can be sold to Grillie.

There are three objects you can use in the Black Smith Shop. One of them is the anvils located to the left of Grillie. The other is a bronze blast furnace which is located behind Grillie and the last one are the Iron Furnaces which are located to the right of Grillie.

Check Points

There are two Check Points along the front lines. These are here to protect the town from invading Netherians. Each check point has 2 Marines armed with g36c assault rifles. If you have any monster chasing you inside the town you can just run to one of these check points and the Marines will help you out.

Down the street a bit there is a bank. This is where you will exchange currency an store valuable items.

The currency exchange rate of this bank is 10:1 for every 10 coins you can trade it in for 1 of the next highest tier coin. To exchange currency talk to Currency Exchanger.

Item stored in the bank are 100% from other players but there is limited space so it is best to store only your most valuable items. To Store items in the bank talk to the Banker.


Down the street past the bank is the Butcher here you will buy fresh meat related products.

Inside you will meet Butchy the butcher he is the one who will sell you the various meat items.

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