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Intro (WIP)
The current year is 2237 and the world is still struggling to survive from multiple invading forces. The event that caused this all occurred in 2076 when several large earthquakes struck around the globe killing millions of civilians, though no one could have ever predicted what these earthquakes would unleash on the Earth.

The Project (WIP)
Several years before the earthquakes the US government started working on a new project based on a theory that predicted certain rare earth materials, and large amounts of energy could open a rift in space, allowing the instant transportation of supplies and troops from one location to another anywhere on the planet. The exact details of the project were lost when the earthquake struck, and destroyed the facility in which the project was being conducted.


 All we know is that during the earthquakes something happened in the lab which was not expected, a portal between two dimensions opened and the first creatures from the other world stepped into our own. The project was abandoned because the government no longer had the budget to repair the lab and continue the research.

The Quake (WIP)
One country after the other fell into chaos as their currency lost value, people scrambled for supplies, looting and murder was a part of daily life if you wanted to survive. Attempts to set up a global currency failed multiple times as the people of the world lost faith in their leaders and did not accept the new currency to have value.

The military attempted to force the civilians to accept the new currencies, but this only angered radical groups who began to set off nuclear devices in the capitals of major countries. After this occurred civilians lost contact with the governments as the governments lost interest in trying to fix the world, they started looking for a way to save themselves instead.

Netherians (WIP)
In 2091 the first portals started to appear across the globe, the creatures that had entered the world in 2076 figured a way to create portals of their own only much larger and more stable. Mass armies of what we call now "Netherians" marched out of the portals and started to destroy everything in their path using what we could only describe as magic. A few countries managed to hold them off but soon all fell but one. The only country who would risk destroying themselves was the US, which used hundreds of nuclear missiles to destroy the portals but at a great price most of the country was radioactive and a large amount of the population was killed.

Several portals were too close to the capital and could not be destroyed with such weapons so thousands of troops were deployed to push the creatures back to where they came and prevent any more from entering our world. After the portals were contained, the US supplied what little it could to other countries to help fend off the invaders though it did little to nothing. Satellite images showed large beams of energy shooting off the planet’s surface in countries that had completely fallen. The Netherians were using large lasers to blast through the Earth's crust to get to the molten core beneath to power their portals from our side.

Yaujta (WIP)
The state of the planet stayed the same for roughly 140 years as people struggled to fight off the Netherians, but then ships were spotted flying over surface spraying a purple gas into the atmosphere. After a few months the ships disappeared and were not seen again for another 30 years. During those 30 years the purple gas slowly hardened the Earth's crust making it extremely hard to break which halted most oil drills and quarries.

When the ships returned they came in the thousands and began to attack the Netherians who quickly retreated back to defend their portals. At first it seemed these ships were on our side but it turned out to be the exact opposite they just wanted the resources of the planet just like the Netherians. We can only speculate that they found our planet due to the mass amount of energy being expelled into space from the Netherian mining machines.

Once most of the Netherians were pushed back into the portal the new invaders which call themselves the Yaujta began to harvest the minerals from the planet, though they were less aggressive than the Netherians. The Yaujta kept to themselves and only attacked when we tried to make them leave, their weapons were similar to ours, only much more advanced, and their technology was beyond anything we could imagine. At least it was something we could understand and fight against.

Atlas (WIP)
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The Meteor (WIP)
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Xenomorphs (WIP)
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