The Hive is a cave located under a hive near the Great Nether Portal. It is accessed by jumping into a small hole inside a cave that goes into the base of a hive. The Hive is comprised of a large tunnel which passes through multiple larger chambers. The Netherian control the hive, and have hired mutated humans (orcs) to do their labor and protect the Hive Master.


Slime Mother: A large slime who has been corrupted by the Netherians and forced to create offspring so that the Hive Master may imbue their bodies with Netherian souls.

Netherian Hive Master: A shadow creature who harvests netherian souls and binds them to a life of eternal suffering as they are forced into the lifeless bodies of slimes only be to harvested once again when the slimes body is no longer a viable host.

Unique Loot:

Obsidian Hive Club

Hive Master's Treads

Slime-Encrusted Cap

Rigid Leggings

Enforcer's Whip

Dropped By:

Netherian Hive Master

Netherian Hive Master

Slime Mother

Slime Mother

Netherian Hive Enforcer

 Trash Mobs:

Netherian Soul Collector

Netherian Hive Enforcer

Tiny Nether Soul

Hive Spawn

Hive Mutant

Baby Nether Spawn

Nether Hive Guardian

Netherian Hive Golem

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